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Partnering to stop the spread of COVID -19

Other Important Information 

Mecklenburg County Public Health has released a communications toolkit to better inform vulnerable communities about the COVID-19 virus with information, tips, and where to get help if and when they need it.

"No one is immune to COVID-19, but as the virus has spread, local and national data shows that there are populations that are more vulnerable and experience more severe symptoms," said Public Health Director Gibbie Harris. "Lack of consistent access to healthcare and preexisting health conditions are definitely contributing to the higher numbers we're seeing."

The new toolkit is available for anyone to access and use. County staff is also working to share this information directly with community organizations, faith organizations and community leaders. The toolkit includes: 

  • Flyers that can be shared digitally with detailed information about how the African American community is being affected by COVID-19.

  • Infographics, digital images, and other messages that can be shared on social media, in mass email blasts, or on websites.

  • Accurate talking points on COVID-19 topics like the Stay at Home Order, how to protect yourself, etc.

Download COVID-19 Toolkit 

Atrium Health does not share a patient’s immigration status and we do not report if a patient is undocumented. Many rumors exist bout COVID-19.  In this article, Atrium Health experts correct nine common – and dangerous – misconceptions about the coronavirus.


Download this important and updated infographic sharing what you need to know about COVID-19, including symptoms and tips for staying healthy.




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